२८ श्रावण २०७७, बुधबार ११:२२ | 08/12/2020 1:37 PM

Raison d’etre of NRN USA and its Future Direction

१९ भाद्र २०७३, आईतवार १०:५१ मा प्रकाशित

[unable to retrieve full-text content] In view of the prevailing controversy over the results of recently concluded NRN USA election and the investigation initiated by ICC NRN following the appeal of the candidates (who apparently lost the election), over alleged voting fraud and illegality and the upcoming town hall assembly meeting in Baltimore Maryland, it is highly imperative that all members of the NRN community in general and the NRN USA in particular ponder into the very raison d’etre of NRN USA and its future direction. It